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We are a full-service, custom DEI firm. That means that our methods vary between clients and projects, depending on your specific needs and goals. We don't have a set script our clients follow which means that your company receives a custom, never before used DEI strategic plan, created with your goals in mind.


While that means we'll have to wait until we meet you to determine which of our services are right for you, we can share some of our commonly used methods, developed from our expertise and experience as social scientists and researchers:

Executive Education

Each employee plays a different role in your DEI journey. To ensure your leaders and decision-makers are on the same page, talk with us about our executive education service - a conversational, industry-specific executive training program.

Climate Surveying

How can you make decisions about tomorrow without knowing what's happening today? And how yesterday still impacts your employees? Talk to us about our replicable, targeted climate surveying and ensure your company has proper metrics to track your DEI successes.

Company Ethnography

Metrics are great but what do those numbers mean? Talk with us about our company ethnographies, where we use our skills as qualitative researchers to center the voices and perspectives of the humans who create your company. This service works best in combination with annual surveying.

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